What Do My Dashboard Indicator Lights Mean?

Hyundai creates quality new cars, hatchbacks, and SUVs with safety in mind for you to enjoy for years to come. At Mike Camlin Hyundai, our service center encourages drivers in Greensburg, Pittsburgh, Jeannette, and the surrounding areas to be proactive in bringing your new or pre-owned Hyundai to our service department for regular maintenance or repair. What can help our service technicians ensure your Hyundai is running at its highest quality is your knowledge of what dashboard indicator lights mean. The sooner we can address the issue, the better your Hyundai can function. We know that sometimes the meanings of the dashboard indicator lights can become a little confusing. Here’s an overview of some common indicators.

Engine temperature warning light

Overheating is one of the most common causes of damaged engines. If you see this light, your engine is having an overheating issue.

Fuel Gauge Indicator Light


If this light is on, you may want to get your Hyundai to a gas station! Your car is running very low on gas.

Tire pressure warning light


The tire pressure warning light means that one or more of your tires has low optimal air pressure, which can cause unsafe driving conditions.

Oil pressure warning


If you see this light, stop driving! Your Hyundai is losing oil pressure. Turn off the engine and check the oil level immediately.

Traction control light

This light means that your Hyundai’s traction control is off, and you can possibly lose control of your vehicle.

Engine warning light


Your Hyundai’s Check Engine light can come on for a number of reasons. Common issues include a loose or faulty gas cap, spark plugs, catalytic convertor failure, grimy oxygen sensor, or mass airflow from a dirty air filter.

Anti-lock brake warning


Your Hyundai’s anti-lock brake system needs to be fixed. With this light on, normal braking should continue working, but your steering wheel might lock up when you brake.

Battery alert


Your battery is not being properly charged by your Hyundai due to low car voltage. Bring your vehicle in for our service center to inspect your battery, battery terminals, and alternator belt.

Seatbelt reminder light


One or more passengers in your Hyundai are not wearing a seatbelt.

Airbag indicator


There is an issue with one or more of the airbags in your Hyundai. If you see this light, ensure that all of your passengers put on their seat belts as this could be a major safety hazard.

Fog lamp indicator


This symbol is lit up when your Hyundai's fog lights are on.

Is your Hyundai dashboard displaying any of these indicators? Schedule a service appointment today at Mike Camlin Hyundai of Greensburg. We handle a wide range of maintenance and repair from oil changes to transmission replacements. We also offer the Mike Camlin Advantage, which includes complimentary oil and filter changes as well as state inspections. To learn more, bring your new or pre-owned Hyundai to us at 5162 US-30, Greensburg, PA 15601, or call our service center at (724) 655-4392 to speak with a technician today.

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